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Encore: AAEP Virtual Convention 2020

S0303 - How to Perform a Diagnostic FLASH

Dec 1, 2020 12:00am ‐ Dec 1, 2020 12:00am

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  • Cris Navas, LV, PhD, DACVIM, Assistant Professor of Cardiology/Ultrasound and Internal Medicine (CE), University of Pennsylvania


Credits: None available.

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Sabrieta Holland
12/5/20 11:13 am

Awesome subject, so needed. Ultrasound so intimidating for practitioners that did not have much, if any, exposure to ultrasound use in school. And tough to develop understanding of the anatomy if never had the opportunity to be present for a colic surgery. Lost on stomach window discussion without a drawing to show where exactly the probe is at, and what the normal anatomy is in that area. Encouraged to start trying this and develop an understanding of what is normal so I can see when it’s abnormal. Thanks so much for this talk! Gold!

Cris Nava
12/5/20 12:57 pm

Dear Sabrieta, In the gastric window the probe is in the mid abdomen. 12-14 intercostal spaces approximately is a good place to start but depending on the size of the stomach can be ). In the images dorsal is to right and ventral is to the left. If you want have some questions I am happy to connect via zoom one of these days and can explain you more. My email is navasdes@vet.upenn.edu. Thanks for your comments. Cris