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AAEP Annual Convention 2021

SUN06b - Keeping Equine Practitioners in Equine Practice: Initial Findings of the AAEP Retention Task Force

Dec 5, 2021 1:30pm ‐ Dec 5, 2021 5:00pm


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Ilene Ellis
12/15/21 2:34 pm

A commenter in this session made a statement about rather driving into a tree and killing her/himself just to have a break from overwhelming hours and the presenter/audience laughs? And we have to ask ourselves why there's a crisis in equine medicine?

Michael Foss
1/2/22 10:57 pm

Good discussion. It is interesting how the "non-collaborative" attitude starts early (the internship application process you mentioned) by those who see it as a negative. Perhaps part of human nature? I think it is difficult to avoid. Also, the non-horsey prejudice is nothing new and is wide spread. I've always seen it as "not knowing the language". Same happens when a horse dr works on cats!