Dr. Amy L. Johnson DVM, DACVIM – LAIM & Neurology

Marilyn M. Simpson Associate Professor of Equine Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterimary Medicine

Dr. Amy Johnson graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (2003) and completed an internship at B. W. Furlong and Associates in Oldwick, NJ (2004). She then completed both a large animal internal medicine residency (Cornell 2007) and neurology residency (Penn 2011). Dr. Johnson is currently Associate Professor of Large Animal Medicine and Neurology in the Department of Clinical Studies at New Bolton Center, and she is Section Chief of Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology. Her primary research focus is improving antemortem diagnosis of neurologic disease in horses in a quest to keep her patients away from the pathologists. She has a special interest in infectious diseases, including EPM and Lyme neuroborreliosis, as well as in non-infectious diseases, such as EDM, that are prevalent in her caseload.