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S0101 - Significance of Radiographic Findings in Racehorses

‐ Dec 1, 2020 12:00am

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Courtney Mangano
12/1/20 11:03 am

Very good presentation, there were a few sections midway through and at the end where the recording overlapped itself just a little bit.

Gary Lear
12/1/20 2:07 pm

good info, although there were several gliches when two individuals were speaking at the same time or overlapping of the content and found it distracting

Raymond Rood
12/1/20 10:26 pm

Good information, several instances of audio of one slide overlap with the next slide.

Ruth Sobeck
12/1/20 11:53 pm

There are a few slides with superimposed audio, and others with no audio that appears to have been cut off. First example around 20:34

Taryn Hudgens
12/2/20 5:39 pm

Excellent information, although there were several slides with overlapping audio, and a few at the end with absent audio recording. Thank you.

Paul Hanebutt
12/5/20 3:21 pm

Great presentation! Thanks. - Paul Hanebutt, Dover DE

Luis Perez-Ortiz
12/5/20 3:34 pm

very good presentation. I would like to know data of radio carpal slab fracture with 3er carpal slab fracture on the same time and limb on 2 years old.

Linda Barton
12/7/20 10:27 am

Very good presentation and information! Thank you.

Rogan Tindol
12/7/20 1:52 pm

Very well done.

Alastair Kay
12/8/20 9:36 am

Good summary, a few audio glitches but no dramas

Scott Palmer
12/10/20 10:46 am

Excellent presentation with 3 audio glitches, either overlap or absence of audio for individual slides 25.36 min, 37.51 min and 40.28 min.

Elizabeth Hunton
12/16/20 9:17 pm

Very good.

Lori Tumpowsky
12/23/20 3:27 pm

Good review of stress injuries to bones and joints with different modalities of common pathology. Unfortunate tech issues with over sound or absent sound during session but overall a good transparent presentation of studies by SusanStover.

Linda Robbins
12/31/20 1:54 pm

very educational and interesting.

Maury Linkous
5/12/21 9:13 am

goodpresentation honest and informative

Jason Mez
6/21/21 10:45 am

Good presentation. Audio overlapped on a few slides.