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S0102 - Diagnostic Imaging Findings in English Sport Horses in Relation to Performance and Lameness

‐ Dec 1, 2020 12:00am

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Credits: None available.

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Natalie Lord
12/2/20 1:50 pm

audio not working

Monika Samol
12/2/20 2:16 pm

This presentation has no audio!!!!

Stephen Damonte
12/2/20 5:08 pm

Audio is not working.

Eric Sjoberg
12/2/20 5:32 pm

no sound

Anne Christopherson
12/2/20 6:35 pm

no audio :(

Greg Evans
12/2/20 10:18 pm

No audio

Dorothee Gilmore
12/3/20 10:50 am

As has been said before - no audio. Hence the negative evaluation.

Melissa Orr
12/3/20 1:33 pm

no sound

Jeanne Bowers-Lepore
12/3/20 4:01 pm

I couldn't get any sound

Sadie Boschert
12/3/20 5:26 pm

Hi this is one of your AAEP Staff Members! Our IT department is working on the audio as we speak, and it will be reuploaded as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Ruth Sobeck
12/16/20 1:22 am

Thanks for fixing the audio. I would suggest that speakers use giant bright mouse pointers in these presentations. The tiny pointer is nearly impossible to see when pointing out pertinent pathology in radiographs & MRI images.

Kimberly Henneman
12/26/20 7:14 pm

I would agree with Dr. Sobek on screen pointers - especially for those of us with slightly older eyes...it was hard to see. Thanks.

Jenifer Garber
1/27/21 5:06 pm

Good presentation , thank you!

Jennifer Clarke
2/7/21 9:51 pm

fantastic presentation, thank you. I really appreciate the focus on common and clinically relevant radiographic findings.

Maury Linkous
5/13/21 1:56 pm

excellent paper presented a couple of unfamiliar problems