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S0203 - How to Feed the Overweight Performance Horse

‐ Dec 1, 2020 12:00am

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David Paton
12/8/20 5:18 pm

Useful but very basic Thanks

Douglas Wiley
12/29/20 2:33 pm

good place to start

Elizabeth Hunton
1/10/21 12:30 pm

Not a comment, but a question. Typical example: BCS 7/9 pleasure horse, on avg 3 hours of trail riding a week, no stress, 24/7 turn out on dry lot, very fast eater and will go through 10# of forage in an one inch slow feeder in about 3 hours. This leaves long gaps in between eating and owner unable or unwilling to feed her 3 times a day and certainly not in the middle of the night. I get a lot of questions about how to solve this in relation to all the talk about gastric ulcers and “natural feeding”.

Delores Gockowski
4/20/21 6:41 pm

There is a problem with test question 6.

Thomas Loafmann
2/20/22 7:04 pm

Overweight performance horses have frequently been a problem because of client's lack of willingness and understanding of the necessity of maximizing forage intake. This data helps convince clients that feed balancers are of great importance in order to meet essential nutrient needs.