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S0502 - Why Veterinarians are Leaving Equine Practice

‐ Dec 1, 2020 12:00am

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Thomas Lenz
12/7/20 11:48 am

Covetrus commercial was way too long.

Dina Duplantis
12/18/20 10:03 pm

It's pretty easy to figure out. The number of women entering veterinary school has far surpassed the number of men in the last decade or so. It's going to be difficult to retain women in equine practice due to the long hours, demanding work load and lack of compensation. Many women want to start a family and equine practice is not currently conducive to that kind of lifestyle. I have many friends that left equine practice once they had kids. I am a solo, woman equine practitioner of 29 years. It's a passion for those of us that have been doing it for awhile. I'm in that "never considered something else" category. I also don't have any children and neither do most of the women equine veterinarians from 'my era" :) Thanks for your research on this subject.